Youtube dating fail

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Youtube dating fail

Twitter user @calluna_, responded to a professor who complained about the millennials being the lamest, most intolerable generation by transcribing a collection of 18th century student disciplinary records, and sharing her findings.

Turns out things were pretty out of control in the 18th century.

She had to spell it out for this guy, after he missed multiple hints that she was definitely interested in him.

No, my dude, she didn't need you to "fix the bed." It sounds like she wanted your company, and potentially in the bedroom.

Nizewitz is asking that the defendants stop using or distributing the images of her uncensored crotch, and that they remove all copies of the images from across the social media spectrum.

So, they proceeded to stand up for themselves, took the terrible boss to court, and ended up winning ,000 for what could have been a mere 5 offense.Our dystopian reality just keeps churning up wild cursed images, so we're inclined to keep sharing them to satisfy your dark pleasure.There's something about cursed images that'll just always bring us back for more. So, without further ado, here's a swell collection of people making disgusting messes with spaghetti, putting beans in their crocs, and a whole lot more. But the whole point of taking the time to fill it out is so the algorithm can work its magic. To be fair, answering questions about your long-term relationship goals are still somewhat helpful for finding a partner—according to the study’s author, Samantha Joel, a psychology professor at the University of Utah.That way, you escape the fate of finding out—seven dates in—that your potential love interest is envisioning an entirely different future. “By narrowing one’s dating pool to compatible potential partners, a person may be able to increase the odds that when they do meet someone they click with, that relationship is more likely to thrive long-term,” Joel tells The Cut.

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Since the dawn of the internet, we've always had lying liars around that are ready to spread mindless BS into the world.