Youth dating games

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Youth dating games

The Spaghetti And Marshmallow Tower is a classic game that you may well have played yourself.To make it happen, split your group into as many teams as you have supplies (keeping around 3-4 members in a group).Somebody grabs the ball in the air or off the ground. After two steps, the player must throw the ball — dodge ball style — at another player.If the ball hits a player, that player sits down right where they are.At any time sitting players can snag the ball if it rolls by, and they can throw it at standing players trying to get them out. Hint: it’s a good game for larger groups but its lacking in action if you have less than 10 people.The youth group gathers in the evening when the church is dark.Provide each group with one pack of spaghetti and one pack of large marshmal- lows.Teams are charged to use their supplies to build the tallest freestanding tower they can (meaning that holding the tower up for measuring is against the rules).

If a player is hit by the ball and it, then the throwing player sits down.

The added bonus of this game is you automatically have some great photos of your students that you can put in the youth group room.

You can even feature some of them as photos of the week. On each team, one student acts as the mother bird and the other acts as the baby bird.

You take apart a flashlight and hide the parts throughout the play area.

One kid is the Grog, which is a monster that can freeze you in place by tagging you.

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Give the groups a certain time limit during which they can construct their tower – anywhere from 5-15 minutes generally works well – and give them a one-minute warning before their time up.