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It's all determined by whether-- let me just draw a bunch of-- dad's got a lot of sperm, and they're all racing towards the egg. If this sperm wins the race, then the fertilized egg will develop into a male.

And some of them have an X chromosome in them and some of them have a Y chromosome in them. And the reason why I said it's ironic is throughout history, and probably the most famous example of this is Henry the VIII. It's probably true, because most of our civilization is male dominated, that you've had these men who are obsessed with producing a male heir to kind of take over the family name.

Henry the VIII, I mean the most famous case was with Ann Boleyn.

I'm not an expert here, but the general notion is that he became upset with her that she wasn't producing a male heir.

And then your dad has an x and a y-- I should do it in capital-- and has a Y chromosome. What are all the different combinations of offspring?

Well, your mom could give this X chromosome, in conjunction with this X chromosome from your dad. Your mom could give this other X chromosome with that X chromosome. Well, your mom's always going to be donating an X chromosome. And it works out nicely that half are female and half are male.

This comes in handy when you are traveling or you're in a place with no internet connection.

And they become very disappointed and they tend to blame their wives when the wives keep producing females, but it's all their fault.

And so your next question is, hey, Sal, so-- let me write this down, in mammals it's genetic-- so, OK, maybe they're different alleles, a male or a female allele. So I could just do, that's one of the homologous, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. And those are just our standard pairs of chromosomes that code for different things.

But then you're like, hey, but there's so many different characteristics that differentiate a man from a woman. Each of these right here is a homologous pair, homologous, which we learned before you get one from each of your parents.

This is almost a trivially easy Punnett square, but it kind of shows what all of the different possibilities are.

So let's say this is your mom's genotype for her sex-determining chromosome. That's what makes her your mom and not your dad.

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