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Posted by / 25-Nov-2020 18:54

I’d left my kodi app unattended for a period of months as I was traveling. All my add-ons were gone alongside all my settings.I thought someone had deleted my app and reloaded it thinking it would be fine.For users who are less technical it may be confusing to figure out how to update Kodi and not keeping up with necessary updates can really make it harder for you.From personal experience with the app I can vouch for how important it is to update kodi.Skins, unfortunately, are not backward compatible and if the new update happens to not support it you will end up with a black screen.

To create a backup you can use indigo or install the official kodi backup addon.

We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account Hello, I using Kodi (Windows Store version) After installation, I have no problems and I can Update/Install Add-ons.

But when I moving Kodi to another Drive, I can't Update/Install any add-ons.

That’s when I learned how essential it was to update kodi.

If not executed each time you are prompted you face having to re-personalize your app and going through the process of redownloaded all your addons back.

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