Xbmc movie database not updating

Posted by / 02-Jul-2020 12:59

In a production setup you probably don’t want to do this but in a home network it’s fine.

That’s it, your database server is ready to serve XBMC.

Enable My SQL and php My Admin Now we will make the preparations to use the My SQL database for you shared XBMC library.

First step is to enable My SQL on the DS (if you don’t use a Synology DS check how you can install My SQL on your device at

Don’t worry, it is’t that hard The file we need to create (not default present after the installation of XBMC) is and place it into the XBMC userdata folder.

In this file we define the My SQL database connection.

Configure My SQL for XBMC In my previous guide we manual created the SQL databases for XBMC, with version 12.0 the databases will automatically created by XMBC.The only thing we need to do is create a user account Open php My Admin from the menu (or browse to My Admin), the default login is username root without a password. Fill in the user details, I’m using username ‘xbmc’ with password ‘xbmc’.Click at ‘Global privileges’ on ‘Check All’, by doing this the account is capable to create and alter databases on the My SQL server.Also the watched-state of your media is distributed across your devices.I’m using a Synology Disk Station but you can use virtually anything which is capable running a My SQL server instance, for more information about how to install My SQL on your platform visit there website: XBMC file locations First take a look at where XBMC place the configuration files, later we need to edit some of them and place some additional files.

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The will look like this; Click sources to download my sample file (rename the file extension to xml).