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Perhaps feeds could be written to each instance so they would be cached on each machine?

A low budget startup can effectively bootstrap using EC2 and S3.

It's really a big mindset change to consider that your instances can go away at any time.

716 reads Comments Wed, 10/31/2007 - — Greg Linden (not verified) Re: Feedblendr Architecture - Using EC2 to Scale I might be missing something, but I don't see how this is an interesting example of "using EC2 to scale".

大型、高负载网站架构和应用初探 时间:30-45分钟 开题:163,sina,sohu等网站他们有很多应用程序都是PHP写的,为什么他们究竟是如何能做出同时跑几千人甚至上万同时在线应用程序呢? For example, as the popularity of a web application grows, it can be called scalable if you can maintain good performance metrics by simply making small hardware additions.

to get more general system performance information.

Database parallelism choices greatly impact scalability By Sam Madden on October 30, 2007 AM | Permalink | Comments (2) | Track Backs (0) Large databases require the use of parallel computing resources to get good performance.

There is a balance point which you can uncover by profiling your code.

Creating simple things is the result of years of practical experience.

Markus thinks there isn't a single site in the top 100 that doesn’t use a CDN.

Considering moving to Berkely DB which is a very highly performing and is used by many large websites, especially when you primarily need key-value type lookups.

That with no keepalive on the application servers uses less RAM and works well.

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Wikipedia's Media Wiki was originally written for a single master database server.

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