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Accommodating mode denotes low assertiveness and high cooperativeness.Accommodating people will give in to other people's needs and be very reluctant to stand up for their own.The ability to manage conflict is a very important part of the managerial repertoire.The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Inventory, which popularized the notion of the five basic modes of conflict when it first debuted in 1974, measures individuals' personalities in two areas: cooperativeness and assertiveness.Kilmann believed these traits combine to produce our response to conflict.These assessments can help managers of big and small businesses better understand their own responses to conflict, possibly leading to smoother conflict resolution, increased morale and a better working environment.Surrounded by mountain ranges and set on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is renowned as a business conference and tourist destination, well known for exceptional quality, value for money and friendly, accommodating people. From bungy jumping to art trails, river surfing to wine tasting, the compact town centre is permanently buzzing with top restaurants, a lively cafe and bar scene and excellent shopping.

Competitive people will be aggressive about getting their needs met while being unresponsive to others' needs.

Cars will first need to be able to communicate not just with each other but likely with a central traffic controller.

And roads would have to be filled entirely with autonomous vehicles — if you had even one human driver, that could muck up the flow.

A stoplight-free future is decades away, maybe more.

Even so, it's a good example of how radically self-driving cars could remake our transportation systems, in positive and not-so-positive ways.

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Accommodating people tend to shy away from conflict and prefer to do what they are told rather than continue an unpleasant interaction. Avoiding mode denotes low assertiveness and low cooperativeness.