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The National Agency did not say "no", but "we will evaluate." It took a year and a half test with experts from what was the proposal, its feasibility, its impact, strengths and weaknesses.

But the proposal was enriched with the integration of a task force of computer specialists, libraries and programming.

A project criticized and even could say fought, from the beginning, locally, no one believed in Puntobiblio, its history, but today is one of the technological tools most frequently consulted by libraries and librarians even beyond the borders of Argentina.

Like any new program, triggers concerns, distrust, criticism.

seems an issue forced the issue of annual review in institutions.

Of course it is fashionable, but also qualitity good sound, and something that would not cost much money, but is also quite nice.

Fearsome skiers are preparing the whole year to win the coveted trophy, this year there have been exceptions: there were those who "dopava" waxing skis with Pannett, who wore light clothing and technicians to "cut" the 'air, the media and those who hoped that the fate accompany him. a thick fog hid the track and did not even make out the first door of the Giant Slalom.

Are all welcome, all we learn, we can not give an answer based on the technology because it belongs to the Task Force and in due time will surely be known.

But we can say, as an institution, the conviction of working as well as citizens from the grassroots, to present a project to a State Agency, it evaluates it, enrich it and make it up by putting the same library that introduced him to the couple, to develop ... The problem with critics is that they could discourage libraries to join a new Library Management System, which streamlines the infinity of library work.

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Some of this criticism, spark debate about their reliability, hazard data availability as "relevant" as what everyone reads ...

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