Who is matt bomer dating simon halls who is kendra from real housewives dating

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Who is matt bomer dating simon halls

Matt Bomer doesn't have a girlfriend, he came out as gay in February of this year (2012) when he thanked his partner and their three children for always inspiring him.

His partner's name is Simon Halls and they have three children. He's in a long-term committed relationship with Simon Halls and they are raising Simon's biological children as theirs.

Immediately after his graduation from college, he began working with the very popular Warner Brothers.It seems natural that these two lovebirds would at some point run into each other since they work in the same industry.Turns out Matt hired Simon to be his publicist and that was how their love story began.Please note, in general Matt does not answer these sorts of personal questions because it is his right to not have his private life be public but also because of the deep-seated, often hypocritical homophobia in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.Matt Bomer is best known for playing the part of Bryce Martin in the television series Chuck.

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He worked as an assistant in a number of Public Relation Firms in different countries.

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