Who is john frusciante dating

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Who is john frusciante dating

(1991) ended up selling 13 million copies, and most of its best known music was by Frusciante.His other side was practically a hermit, rebelling against the commercialisation of art, giant venues and screaming fans. Burroughs, watched Marx brothers movies and painted. This balancing act between two artistic personas made Frusciante seek support in Oswald, who saw in her boyfriend something more than a commercially successful and increasingly famous guitar player.On the back, the dedication " It's too easy for a critic to describe something as having "cult status".

When I got to my room and played it, I got my first glimpses of the subconscious, sex, depression, insanity and drugs.

I bought it in a record store in Oulu, from an ornery shopkeeper who told me it was weird and not very good. On the cover is a photograph of Frusciante in drag.

The sleeves have lyrics in messy handwriting, written on stained and singed pieces of paper.

— I think both me and John have a very heightened sense of the spirit world and it is something that we connected on from the get go without even saying much about it. I'm pretty sure most people thought we were a couple of kooks most of time, John in particular, but for us, these things were and are real.

We had the feeling that this world is a very small part of consciousness and were okay riding the fringes of that. The thing that changed after meeting him, was that I could express all of those things without someone thinking I was totally bonkers.

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Kulttuuri Cocktail interviews Toni Oswald, John Frusciante's partner at the time.