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Who is jessica alba dating now

“I always thought I was born into the wrong family, that I was…

"When he goes out with friends, he gets into trouble," a pal told the publication.Sounds like Alba had been listening to too much Beyoncé. "I think I've already thrown Cash out of the house twice since I've been pregnant," she once revealed, as reported by Obviously, Warren didn't care too much about her out-of-whack emotions because Alba was still very much pregnant — and hormonal — when they tied the knot. "So, I know that even if my husband isn't doing anything with someone that he works with, if they are even remotely attractive or have like, a little bit of energy, or if they even have a little like, cute word back and forth, I get really crazy." Say what?!But at least Alba was aware that she was a bit out of line. One of Hollywood's most beautiful stars is threatened by other women? She went on to tell a cringeworthy story about just how jealous she can get.Things have happened to Jessica Alba that many wouldn’t register as things that they would expect to happen to anyone, let alone a famous actor.Here’s what went down behind the scenes of Alba’s life, and how she strong-armed her obstacles to overcome her troubled past and forge a new unexpected path in her life and career.

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Despite her hectic schedule, she also makes it a priority to squeeze in some time with her main man.

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