Who is diego luna dating

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Until March 2013, Diego Luna was married to Mexican model, singer, and actress Camila Sodi.

“At one I’m told she was complaining about her shoulder, he rubbed it, not in a pervy way but in the comfortable way between two people extremely comfortable with each other,” Lainey Gossip reported at the time. They did not care who saw, they had eyes only for themselves. Gael may or may not have been smitten with Fonzi while dating Natalie – so much so that he supposedly promised to break up with the Hollywood actress so he could be with Dolores.

Fiona, an English and Scottish descent, was a costume designer who spent her active years in the film industry. Her husband is a renowned film/theatre/opera set artificer and promoter of arts and theatre.

Luna owes his success in the field of art to father, who regularly brought him to the sets and also mentored him in several aspects of art.

The organization mainly focuses on bringing documentary films to some recommended areas and also hosts film festivals in Mexico and in the United States. C was decorated with the covetous Washington Office on Latin America Human Rights Award.

In 2018, Diego Luna was unveiled as the first Heart Ambassador by Surgeons of Hope for doing his best to bring accessible heart surgeries to Latin American kids.

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The British blonde has a brother and two younger sisters.

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