When did you start dating

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The main thing is to not put to much pressure on yourself to find someone, let it happen naturally.

I met my ex-girlfriend of 2 years through mutual friends in the dorm and we rushed the same engineering fraternity (co-ed).

My first actual date started after I randomly asked if I could sit with a girl at the cafeteria. You can try joining clubs next semester and talk to your classmates early on too. I actually went to the party with the intention of hooking up with this other girl from class that invited me to party but then found out she had a BF.

I ended up meeting this other girl there and made out for a bit, then we started hanging out and ended up in a relationship. Even if you don't think you're popular, that's the beauty of college is you get to kind of reinvent yourself among completely new people.

I had never dated anyone, so around the last quarter of my first year, I started using Tinder and went on dates with 2 guys but it didn't work out.

My roommate set me up with her boyfriend's twin brother and that worked out pretty well. I had 200 matches and only 2 dates so it's not the best place to actually meet people.

She got her first B ever, in calculus, and then she got her first D the next semester and I got 2 C's.

I'm very much not social and for the most part of my first year I was either in my room or in the library doing work and studying.

Ever since my highschool sweetheart and I broke up before my sophomore year this is something I've been worried about.If you don't get invited to any parties, have your own and invite people from class you think are cool, and any girls you like.Don't think about it too much, just have a good time and meet new people and see where it goes.I'm not saying use a pick up line on every woman you see but just start conversations whenever you can and see where they take you.I got a girls number a couple days into college but it never went anywhere.

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She mistook me for another guy and I was an absolute drunken idiot.

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