Western women dating in south korea

Posted by / 22-Jun-2020 18:30

Obviously they still value ‘romance,’ but it may not be their prime motivation.

A Korean woman who holds hands with a Western man risks being occasionally harangued, called a ''whore,'' or even slapped or spat upon.

Western men are not prepared for this, so in the early stages of the marriage, in the interest of promoting their marital ‘partnership,’ they unwittingly relinquish a lot of ‘control’ to the woman, only to discover that it’s gone forever, as far as she’s concerned!

Having said this, I should note that I’ve seen some happy marriages between Westerners and Koreans.

Interracial relationships are a sensitive issue in many countries, but particularly so in South Korea.

Such romances offer a window into the society, for they touch some of the most sensitive nerves in the Korean psyche -- relating to national identity, to attitudes toward foreigners and to ideals about the purity of women.'' I'd like to settle down with my girlfriend, and I wonder if her family would ever accept me,'' mused Frank A.

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The sensitivities have become more visible in part because South Korea has the American troops and in part because thousands of other young Westerners have come here, often working as English teachers.

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