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HRHomesick Rae, the Sri Lankan chap is definitely Indian. Going back to the topic "QR Longest Serving Staff", I just got news of the guy's name I was referring to. She was Purser on my flight over to DOH with Sheikh Hamad as Captain.

I can still get it, but there is some interference from another station with a (very) close freq. after all,dont we also miss a bit of Doha days,folks ??

I wonder how couldn't you have noticed that feature. You know Johnny, Life is still good and it is even better for some of us, I just wonder whether you have a friend with whom once you shared one thing, and that very thing you shared have reflected something on both of you. Hey girls/ guys why doesn't someone set up a facebook site like EK crew have done call it something like All X QR Crew something like that and see how many of us are on there, would be such a hoot, could post pics as well bring back some of the memories. yes good idea,..only problem will be to find a book big enough to put all the X-QRcrew who either resigned, were terminated,jump ship...since the creation of Q.

Hey BKK, I was in KRT earlier this year with Elkhier!! you then worked with brian m then roster and schedule manager - his wife was viviennen the sole welfare officer at crew dept - both were your friends you used to tell us when you resumed flights. and we still carry great respect to all those whom we worked with and lived with in Doha and QR as organization. me myself will always travel QR (J/C) of course whenever possible, at least I trust the training and I may meet a friend. It seems to be the driver for nearly every action here.

(The only other "down-under" BG who existed to my knowledge was the great Mr. anyway you seem to have forgotten the sep with amk and the way she kept you in place. Marie was a QR legend and one of the mainstays of the company. Soavanee the Thai girl has also left QR and is now also at Emirates.

I won't say too much for fear of my good friend 11223344 carrying on his rant as he seems to know so much..so little, regarding facts. Digna: hope biz is going well Cheers HROops, some grumpiness creeping-in from one of the new members for some unknown reason.......... I would like to open by also passing my condolences to Marie's family. Some other updates I heard is that Terence and Sophie has both left QR also. Nadeeka in Colombo and George is living with in Dubai and is flying for Emirates. Nilkanthi is now happily married and living in Doha.

I thought he had left, but I was told around 6 months ago that the guy is still there. (eye shadow diva) / Mamma Jo / Greg Epps / "Bernard" / Rosalina Fahmi / Yuva Bhatia............. also why not mention the person after bm, equally corrupt and yet again your good friend until he too let you down and then you went on a trip about him. A300 Man, Johanna Ysrael was the CSD so that was nice to see her. It is sad to see the crew looking so stressed on the flights but, as always....working so hard. 11223344: the only kiwi I know at QR is Neil Finlay, so other than that I have no idea what you are on about and quite frankly I don't care mate. I remember Al Mansoura, my fellow crew from the Philippines. Now that 11223344 has been removed, normal service can resume: Ah, Mansoura, built on a graveyard and yet full of life! Remember MT and SW knocking on my door to find me blasting music with only my guitar covering my Dignity! Cheers HRnot sure if this is the right place to post but just wanted everyone who reads this who is ex qr RIP Marie Armstrong passed away on 18th April, everyone might remember her as being the Housing officer looking after the crew, RIP Marie and our thoughts are with you Emma FLCI havent been to Pprune for a very long time and was thrilled to come acros this thread. fyi - the incident occured because - as always - you were heavy on the drinks. kw was common knowledge amongst the crew, including ms. now cut the snigger and stop pretending to be the full time loyalist that you claim to be. 2 people that kept you in place were bg (aussie or kiwi bloke) and a-mk. ps: Would you come back to QR if there was a "regime" change? ..........all the ex staff can you please stay away, even if a regime change was in place - big favor to qr. The Facebook groups about Qatar Airways crew are fascinating. There is one particular group which is dated 1998-2000. Good to see some of the following names amongst it: Faye Lamb / Julie Nicholls / Annah Lewis / Martin Moore / Mark and Mandy / Chandani. Yup, I have good memories of THE LIBRARY in THE RAMADA Hotel. Ramada was Happy Hour Heaven and there were still some names carved into the bar top last time I was in the place, albeit several years ago. Had the pleasure of being on a Qatar Dreamliner the other day. So: anyone got the gen on whether any of the following are still at Qatar Airways? Irish CSD with an attitude, well since it can't be Joyce...wonder who! Cheers, HRLol....well,the Frenchy Pascal is a service instructor and is at Al Emadi does recruitment and still complains like a Crotchety old grand ma.: D -Chic,are u reffering to Suzan Awak (Al Awak?? )he was ofcourse packed off to he has become a Driver (F/O) for an Egyptian Cargo on him! i can almost see HR gulping the last swig before heading off to the nearest free internet cafe down manila-way to shoot off his 2 cents. Wonder what happened to Yusuf "blow my slide" Ahmed?? :p As for Yusuf Ahmed,...after he blew his "Jumbo" slide in KRT,( I was working on that flight in the upper deck,and I could now picture AAB and the snake going thru old records to find my name...hoo!! HR needs to look inwards prior to commenting about things outside.

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Pre AAB, and even in the first few months of his tyranny, were the best days ever! Alvin is doing very is the Diva or better known as "Samantha Jones" of DOH. he epitomised stress and panick, especially after a long night of hugging the bottle. So, please either get into the proper mood and participate in a proper way and stop the personal slanging, OR, it is best not to visit the thread at all.

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