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Vega banjo dating

1969, probably initially at the 40 Leon Street factory the Needham Heights (just before the sale to Martin).It was a student model that Eddie convinced long time friend and Vega owner/president to make positioned as a lower cost alternative to the Vox I/Professional II…it was an upgrade over the Little Wonder/Ranger banjos.Just wondering if you have any interesting data on this ax.I play it weekly (weakly) on Monday nights at restaurant in Anaheim, California and love its sound.

The label indicates the banjo was made in Needham, MA, but the Vega company was owned by the CF Martin guitar company.Being unable to find anything on the internet, I began to think I had been scammed. Jack Can you help me identify this banjo, inherited from my father, and maybe even help me find the serial number? Sorry to use the comments for this…couldn’t find an email… I had Renee Karnes carve the heel with a VV flower and leaf design to get rid of the SS #.Thanks, Bill What a fascinating website full of history and information. A friend of mine has a CF Martin & Co banjo style VW-5 Serial No 539 String type V700. Of course she did a beautiful job with it including turning its blond color into a brunette!The two legendary musicians in the camp photo are banjo godfather Tony Trischka and Grammy award winner Eric Weissberg (click to enlarge). Old 6 digit Vega serial numbers persisted on a yellow sticker on the inner pot until production was moved to Pennsylvania in 1972. Note the unique cluster of 3 sound apertures spaced around the tone ring of the below VIP-5 model owned by the BRC founder (SN 1364).Close study of the flange can sometimes reveal, however, that it is left-over Vega hardware from the Needham Heights factory.

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