Validating two usercontrols

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In the next example, I will show you a small example of how it can be used.

As you see, we only use one validator to validate the two fields.

Now in the load event of a page that instantiate more than one instance of a user control with validator I can write.

I would like to validate a textbox on a usercontrol using javascript when the user clicks a button.

For instance, it would be possible to enter nothing, or enter a piece of text instead of a number.

You should always consider this when using the Compare Validator.

I have it registered and loaded in my aspx page as dd Something. Instead, within your own evaluation function you will access the Drop Down List through the User Control.Here is what happens if you don't fill out the form correctly: If you switch the numbers, you will see another cool thing about the ASP.NET validators and clientside scripting: Validation is also performed upon exiting the fields.Any more questions, please open a new thread, do not respond to this thread anymore?hi anyone that help how can set validator on user id that not accept space betwwen tow mean or exam ubaid expor so i need when come space then show error validator plz hlep as soon as possible i will thank full of u.

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Dates, strings and other value types can be compared as well.

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