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Validating cable test jig

It’s also important to ensure each part can easily be assembled by a technician that’s not an engineer.This includes heat staking PCBs down (red arrow), headers and cable assemblies for board connections (yellow arrow), and tweaking the design so hands and tools can access each component (blue arrow).The engineering validation test (or EVT) is the final test of core product engineering.The question being asked during an EVT build is “does my product cover the functional requirements of my specification?EVT units are built using production assembly procedures laid out in the EP stage.

Often this is the best time to raise money from investors.The validation phase is the most commonly standardized phase of product development.Validation is a progressively rigorous process to join the design and engineering development and ensure the product can be consistently manufactured at scale.” Common parameters in the DVT build: Because there are so many units being built, the DVT build focuses a lot on tools and techniques for getting units running consistently.If a production build environment isn’t already in place, it’s time to build one.

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