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This is truly one of those “features” which feel an awfully lot like a “bug”.I did find one trick to at least allow the items to be displayed, even though the multi-select column values will not be displayed. We can use script and my SPServices j Query library to “fill in” the values after the page loads.You can probably pretty easily think of reasons you’d want to display data like this.In my little example, you might have multiple Project Managers in Projects lists in sites across the Site Collection.

You can easily reproduce this issue as follows: At this point, you should see the item(s) in your DVWP just as you would expect.

This is one of those things that I’m amazed I haven’t run into before.

Perhaps I did in the past and wrote it off to my own lack of understanding.

If we add Nullable=”TRUE” to the View Fields settings in the CAML in the Select Command, then we do get the items to display, albeit with blank values for the multi-select columns. Note that I have added the Nullable attribute to the Project Manager Field Ref. Since we can display the items, but not the values for the multi-select column, we can use the Lists Web Service and specifically Get List Items, to go and grab the items, parse out the multi-select column values, and place them into the DOM where they belong.

< View Fields>< Field Ref Name=" Title"/>< Field Ref Name=" Project_x0020_Manager" Nullable=" TRUE"/>< Field Ref Name=" ID"/>< Field Ref Name=" Perm Mask"/></View Fields> Now I can see all of the items, but the Project Manager is simply blank. This isn’t the type of thing that I like to use j Query for, really, as it really feels like a kludge.

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To test the plugin I started with the new item form from same test list I used in my previous posts.

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