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Updating vyatta

Besides the blog, we have our security auditing tool Lynis.

I was inspired by a (relatively) recent post by Jeremy Stretch at that explained OSPF designated router configuration in Cisco IOS.

Depending on your Linux distribution and the availability, we suggest using the ip tool.

Newer Linux distributions have the One more thing...

Each router would then, in turn, send the same update right back out to notify all other OSPF routers, and so on and so forth.

This is a problem because of the sudden flood in network activity and therefore will cause strain on the routers’ CPU, but also because it impacts convergence time.

To understand the purpose of a Designated Router in OSPF, you need to know how OSPF distributes routing information around the network.

In order to establish neighbor relationships with other routers, OSPF will send hello messages to the multicast address

Since R1 is neither the DR or BDR, it is a member of the multicast group “OSPFAll Routers”.

There are several reasons when you might need to clear your ARP cache.

There are two common ways on Linux systems, typically using the arp or ip utility.

This model allows for efficiency of routing updates and prevents unnecessary flooding.

Stretch’s post focused on the Cisco implementation, which is pretty straightforward, and since I’ve been tinkering with Vyatta lately, I wanted to publish some well-formed info on how this process works.

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Once neighbor relationships have been established, routing information must be distributed via Link State Advertisements, or LSAs.