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Updating openoffice

And remember that Open Office, including oo Base, is free! and saving million$, but still Getting The Job Done. In a nutshell: When I went from a 2.2.1 installation to version 3.0.0, the upgrade went without hassle. And 3.1.0 to 3.2.0) I didn't uninstall my old Open Office first, but during the install of the new version, old program files, etc... An old shortcut which I would not have expected to work DID... in other words it opened the old app in the new Open Office. (My Oracle (previously known as "Sun") Report Builder was out of date...

There's more about oo Base in the main index to this material. possibly nothing to do with my upgrade of the underlying Open Office. (A quick test with an old database turned up an interesting anomaly.... But it mostly worked.) There ARE a FEW gotchas, though, which may catch some people. First, I backed up any files that I didn't want to lose, if things went wrong.

Imports into Quark Xpress are much cleaner with far less loss of formatting.

Does allow you to chose youer own default fonts without demanding that you use Calibri or whatever Microsoft demands of you!

Some users are initially worried by this statement: How can software for free, developed by volunteers, be any good? wanted to use it because i have a new macbook air and i hate their updated version of their word program, Pages. i am struggling with downloading any templates for openoffice it keeps sending me to Safari's browser which doesn't support a lot of things now. trying to do it with firefox and having similar problems. Not sure how to rate this because of all the struggles I am having.If you are thinking about using AOO, read this article about the reasons AOO may/should be abandoned.Until Apache fix the problem, it is advised to AVOID using Open Office. Libre Office has been patched in its latest versions, 6.0.7/6.1.3 and up.There is a workaround for the security hole for advanced users.

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Don't miss to download the new release and find out yourself.