Updating ms access from a form vista not updating gets stuck

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There is of course an ID for the job (Just not shown, no need to be visible), but how would I access this to perform an operation on it?

SQL I can do, integrating with Access/VBA I am new at As I understand your situation, your form is data-bound bound (you can get record index), so - your form already located on this record.

But if I don't add a date before entering order items it's not going to pick them up.

Move Next Loop End With 'Trying things to get the total firkins to update If Me. I thought this was supposed to be equivalent to closing and reopening the form but not so for the way it's configured. I put a break point in the After Update event I attached above and it stepped through to the end as intended. One of the criteria for including firkins in the total displayed is that the order date falls within the specified time period.

Add a "Yes/No" data type field to the table which is used by your form's record source. Then your form can have a check box control for completion_status.

Set it's default value property to 0, which represents False or No. Newly added records will have False/No as completion_status --- the check box will appear unchecked.

Closing order form and reopening to the same order now showed the correct total. If I add one record or several the Total field on the main form doesn't update until I close the entire Orders form and reopen it. Each time a new item is added it calculates the firkins volumes for the new order and assigns a volume discount. I uncommented it to check again and no change, so not updating the total. Incidentally the field is called Total Firkins In Period so the code I sent was an earlier mistake that I'd corrected.The part I'm adding calculates an additional loyalty discount based on order history. Private Sub Form_After Update() Dim Disc As Variant Dim TF As Variant 'Calculate the total added firkins every time a new order item is entered TF = 0 With Me.

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The completion_status for other records in the forms can be toggled between Yes (checked) and No (unchecked) using the check box control.

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