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[NOTE: 16th December 2018, I’ve placed an update at the bottom of the story, if you can’t be bothered scrolling, the main protagonist of this story has been resolved]Apple held their annual World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, the 4th of June and and as per usual the new Mac OS was announced, but this isn’t about that. What I do have, is closing in on 4000 Compact Discs that I’ve spent countless hours archiving and making redundant copies of.It’s about i Tunes and few things that should be fixed before they try to cram even more into an already bloated product. They are in Apple Lossless (ALAC) with all the relevant metadata and cover art, saved in a particular folder structure. I noticed, as of a minor i Tunes update released around the start of April (which now persists to the current version, that a lot of my cover art would no longer show in my library.This new tool includes support for the 16:9 aspect ratio now used in the TV app as well as a load of high-res imagery Apple uses from ultrawide banners and background screen captures to logos and parallax files.Do you use Apple Music, i Cloud Music Library, or i Tunes Match?Here we have, after loading the complete library into i Tunes, cover art showing correctly I called Apple support on the 9th of April 2018 to advise them of this.They thanked me for my input, assigned me the Case ID 100503093438 and since then there have been a few i Tunes updates, but no fix.Apple, can you please fix this before you abandon updates to i Tunes High Sierra?The covers do display properly on Music for i Phone i OS 11.3.

I don’t understand why i Tunes just can’t write the metadata at the time instead of just storing it in the i Tunes cache.This was really odd as it worked perfectly before the update.Narrowing down my search a little bit, it turns out that any cover art that wasn’t exactly square (irrespective of resolution) no longer would show on the “Albums” page of i Tunes.As of i Tunes which has been released as part of Mac OS Mojave, the following issues appear to have been resolved: Whilst it’s hard to demonstrate that this has been fixed without posting a video of i Tunes loading all the items, please take it from me that this is a fresh load of items into i Tunes and all artwork appeared correctly.If you're searching for TV Shows or Movies then you'll probably want to switch to my new tool, Apple TV Shows & Movies Artwork Finder.

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