Updating first generation iphone articles on black women and dating

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Can you suggest anything to extend the life of my i Pad? As an owner of a first-generation i Pad myself -- a device that I use for both content creation and consumption on a daily basis -- I'm interested in making my i Pad last a little longer, maybe until the i Pad 4 makes an appearance.What I plan on doing with my i Pad now is jailbreaking it.

When a new update is available, your Apple Watch notifies you.See, GPS technology needs to keep an eye on the date and time to tell your location -- it tracks the date by counting the number of weeks and storing the values as 10-bit figures.Around every 20 years, that 10-bit week number goes back to zero, causing issues for older devices not designed to handle the change.It’s not surprising, but Apple has indeed cut off support for the first generation Apple Watch (often called Series 0).Spotted by Kyle Gray, watch OS 5 will require a Series 1, 2, or 3 device. Apple Watch was released in April of 2015, users will have had just under three and a half years running current software.

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In Apple’s defense, the i Phone 5S got an unexpected reprieve with support in i OS 12, so some will argue that we should not be surprised to see two generations dropped with i OS 13.

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