Updating excel worksheet from access query

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Tip: Take a look at the Transfer Spreadsheet method of the Do Cmd object and use ac Spreadsheet Type Excel12Xml.

This procedure will create a button that you can push in order to automate the update process with a macro.

For example, if your Access table is linked to Excel spreadsheet, you cannot update any data in the spreadsheet from Access.

Suppose we have created a table called employee_tbl, now we want to update David’s salary to 11000.

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Unfortunately if you want to run any code when this refreshes, there’s no native way to do this.

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”, vb Yes No) = vb No Then Cancel = True End Sub[/sourcecode] Your code should now look like the following: Right-click your project in the PE and select Insert Module. Add cls Q Next QT Next WS End Sub[/sourcecode] To initialize this code when the workbook opens, double click This Workbook module and use the following workbook open code: [sourcecode language=”vb”]Option Explicit Private Sub Workbook_Open() Call Initialize Queries End Sub[/sourcecode] That’s it, you now have query before/after events you can tie into.

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