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Updating boot support partitions as required

The Extensible Firmware Interface is a BIOS replacement originally developed by Intel® for its Itanium® systems and later expanded to include x86 and other architectures.While not enthusiastically embraced by the Linux kernel developers, it offers some advantages over legacy BIOS and is becoming more widely used, especially for 64-bit x86 systems.In the discussion that follows, “sector” refers to a 512-byte disk sector, addressed by its Logical Block Address (LBA).

To protect the GUID partitions on the drive from legacy OSes, the MBR partition table normally contains a single partition entry of type 0x EE, filling the entire drive.Note that different EFI BIOSes may have different requirements for the pathname of the bootloader.Most EFI BIOSes contain a "Compatibility Support Module" component which makes them act like legacy BIOSes, so they may boot either way.Chromium OS is essentially a specially-tailored GNU/Linux distribution.We want to make as few modifications to the upstream kernel as possible, ideally none.

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