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Updating account information

• Update the temporary credit message on the customer record based on the policy.• Reset the temporary credit message to the value of the credit message based on the policy.For First Data merchant accounts, please complete the attached form and submit to [email protected]

If your business information, such as mailing address, contact info, or Doing-Business-As (DBA) name has changed, your merchant account will need to be updated.The system will not display current invoice information in the Account Balance Inquiry or Parent/Child Balance Inquiry programs until you rerun the program with the data selection set to include open invoices.• Generate a workflow message to notify you that the process is complete.Concept To effectively analyze and manage account activity for a customer, you must first update the customer’s account information.To do so, run the Credit Analysis Refresh program (R03B525) at the beginning or end of each business day.

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You set the pay status equal to P in the data selection for the system to perform the reset function.