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Uniform dating tracking index

Use of Black and White Police Vehicles by Civilian Personnel. Books and Pamphlets, Requisitioning and Assignment of. Definitions of Terms Used in the Department Manual.

State Constitution Provision-City Charter to Provide for Government of Municipal Police Force.

Employee Exposure to Health Hazards- Reporting Procedures.

Grievance Procedures-Employees Covered by Memorandum of Understanding. Grievances-Employees Not Covered by Memorandum of Understanding. Grievances Relating to Paygrade Advancement Rules and Procedures.

Writing and Supplying Information for Publication by Department Employees.

Adjudicating A Non-Categorical Use of Force Incident. Officer-Involved Shootings, Custodial and Law Enforcement Activity-Related Deaths, and Use of Force Incidents Resulting in Injury. Officer-Involved Shootings/Serious Injury or Death Resulting from Police Action-Special Duties.

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Emergency Operations Organization (EOO) Telephones.

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