Triplex glass dating

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For example 1956 A dot below the N indicates the glass was made in the 7th year of the decade.

For example 1957 A dot below the E indicates the glass was made in the 8th year of the decade.

From the dot over the "T", we know the glass was manufactured in the first quarter of the year (Jan-Mar).

From the dot below the "U", we know the glass was manufactured in 1963.

Of course, this method reveals the date of manufacture of the glass itself, not the car or hardtop it is fitted to, but the glass probably didn't sit around very long in the factory before being fitted.

Triplex Safety Glass is now owned by Pilkington, which uses a similar method of dating using dots under letters, but is not described here.

A dot above the E indicates the glass was made in July, August or September.

A dot above the R indicates the glass was made in April, May or June.The navigation lights which you purchase from The Pirate's Lair will be as there will be no need for you to first get any special industrial cleansers or caustic degreasers and special rubber gloves or cleaning utensils to first remove any of the aforementioned cleaning issues. Single wick burner with tin body, maker mark badges, and burner.Unless otherwise noted some crew mechanisms may be rusty and prevent wick operation. The light consists of a red port and blue starboard fresnel lens combination.Antique Ships Navigation Lights Make a Perfect Gift for the Collector of Nautical and Naval Antiques. Can Be Hung From the Cieling, Placed on a Shelf or Desk, Makes a Great Bookend, or Mounted as a Wall Sconce. Existing wick or replacement will be shipped with light.First, these are the real deal vintage and antique navigation lights used aboard commercial merchant vessels and naval ships, with most dating between 50 and 110 years old well before even the most rudimentary safety standards were in place.

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