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Toyman dating

Winslow then took on the identity of The Toyman and attempted to assassinate Lex Luthor with lethal toys, until he was defeated by Superman.Toyman was arrested, but later freed by Intergang, a group of Metropolis' most technologically advanced criminals, in order to build traps into their lair.He spent the rest of his time in jail until the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, at which point his history was rewritten.Like in the last incarnation, Winslow, as a young boy living in Britain, had a knack for inventing toys, first making a small red and blue toy airplane, which was quickly stolen by another boy.

He later learned that his toy designs were being repurposed and weaponized and that his company has been taken over.Following his arrest when working with Intergang again, Schott was approached by a toy company who wanted to make a Superman toy line and wanted his permission to make a Toyman toy.However, Schott is enraged to find his toys are extremely unpopular and escaped from prison to kill to the head of the toy company, which he did.In his first job, he robbed a bank with toy soldiers and a super-powered pogo stick and on his second, he created a toy firetruck that sent a millionaire's penhouse on fire, which allowed him to rob it in the chaos he created.Though the Toyman was able to outwit the authorities for the first two jobs, he found himself thwarted by Superman on his third robbery.

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Winslow's only goal was to make the best mechanical toys he could with his wife, whom he loved very much.

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