The art of internet dating

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The art of internet dating

Trust me guys, I get comments from women telling me exactly this ALL THE TIME. It’s not for just geeks anymore, EVERYONE is using it (it’s just that not everyone is brave enough to talk about it yet).Internet dating is the future with roughly 25% of all relationships starting on the internet.Connecting – Learn how to really connect (and learn the proper TIMING for rapport and connection building) with a girl in a way which has her swooning for you.Get 100’s of Emails – This may be the best part, learn how I get 100’s of emails PER DAY and learn how to do it for yourself. ) It’s all possible when you know when and how to escalate.You don’t have to settle for the cute girl that you work with, or the barista that works Wednesdays and Fridays at Starbucks.The world, literally, the entire world of women will become your oyster – when you enter the world of online dating.It doesn’t matter if you are looking for sexual encounters, love and romance or just some fun.

We will get into some inner game material as it relates to online dating and hopefully, help you leave a more confident, relaxed and charming man.

Internet dating websites in North America get around 50 million users in a single month!

I bet that not all the bars or clubs in North America get THAT many people in a month.

But the kicker is, that I don’t even have time to contact women first, because I’m too busy responding to women who have contacted ME first.

That is a part of what makes this technique so beautiful, you will get to pick and choose from the women who find YOU interesting.

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