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He graced popular magazine covers, appeared in Benneton ads and did catwalk shows in Tokyo and Europe.He made his TV debut at the age of 21 and gradually landed bigger roles.She was entitled with the Best Actress Award several times on the Television Academy Awards in Japan which was held annually.The first time was in the year 1999, and later she made it onstage again in the 2000, 20.Like SMAP, he found himself in the late '80s as a backing dancer to the idol boy-band of the day, the roller-skating Hikaru Genji.

She is considered one of Japan's most beautiful women.With photos of him supposedly trying to dispose of the body they blackmail him into becoming their genie, reminiscent of Urumi's actions in the anime.Onizuka learns from her friends that Moe is going out with various men just for the sex. Takeda, a teacher at the school who is getting married, were together but that when they were found out he didn't stand up for himself. If you love him then try and get him back." They then interrupt the wedding but Rika still kids herself that she never loved him and Onizuka asks why he can't be more clear cut.His first starring role was in Virgin Road in early 1997 but Beach Boys was his big break.He released an eponymous album of original music the same year.

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Her hobbies include watercolor paintings, calligraphy, cooking, and playing the piano.

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