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This year the winner of Friday Night Live was given a greater power in nominations.Replacing the Three Point Twist of previous seasons, the Friday Night Live winner each week this season was required to choose one nominated housemate to be removed from the nomination line-up, and to nominate another to replace them.Despite a drop in ratings compared to previous seasons, and a number of controversies, the then Big Brother executive producer Kris Noble considers the year's season a success.

One hundred codes gave the opportunity to audition for the BB season after it began.On Day 97 the housemates were allowed to speak with several of the Big Brother UK housemates.The UK Big Brother House also had a telephone and unlike the Australian version this was the first time the phone was used in the UK version.The winner of Friday Night Live this season was also given the chance to discuss their nominations, both past and present, with their chosen housemate whilst inside the Rewards Room.All staple foods provided to housemates this year were vegan.

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It provided a quiet place to talk or relax, away from the rest of the housemates.