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Starview 2 updating

Cheers, Spacerat Yes your issue for the moment is firmware related and V1.12 is the only way of fixing it for now, (soon V1.12 will be useless also).But as boomer and you have now said V1.12 will kill a clone box. Thanks to all, 95% sure it's a clone - the Max232 kit that I bought had to be modified using a stanley knife.Please check the product page to be sure what garment is used.We use District Made slub polos (unisex and women's).We print our jackets on a variety of garments to achieve a wide range of styles- there's something for everyone, whether you're plowing through a northeastern winter or occupying milder southern climates.Note: sometimes larger sizes and ladies sizes will have to be printed on different garments due to availability.

If I move to Movies Sci-Fi it does the update and then gives me that channel - it will also give me a selection of other channels (apparently random).

Media Code Speed Edit allows you to change the write speed for your media and to add new media ... Manufacturer assigned Hard-Disk Serial Number or Firmware Serial Number is essential for many reasons. TSDNWIN is a handy application that was created to assist you in the process of updating the firmware of your Samsung optical drives.

Works only from the clean DOS, in the absence of memory managers expanded memory, such as HIMEM/EMM386/QEMM.

Hi, I've read through the various threads and searched, and can't find a solution to the problem I'm having - I've got a Starview 4 USB clone which has been running fine on v1.07 of the firmware, but I have started having the same problem with missing channels as posted in various other threads.

I have been through the factory reset, emu menu, etc.

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Do you think it is difficult to use a source version control system especially for firmware development or personal ...