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Shinhwa dating scandal

To me, Jun Jin was more like a drama character than anyone else. Everything about him is so smooth and velvety, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just has peach fuzz all over his body. I would stare at this picture and wonder how something so perfect could exist.

He is handsome and successful, funny and charismatic, yet has this sad childhood lingering in his adult life. I could listen to his voice all day, and one day I hope to have his song playing while I look sadly out a window on a rainy day. He may seem effeminate but it’s also kind of funny to watch him boss around Eric and get offended when they tease him. My personal experience aside, Lee Min Woo is also extremely charismatic, a great dancer, a decent singer and rapper, and really handsome (his acting wasn’t awful either).

I also became an even stronger believer in Ric Sung, and they will be my ultimate OTP. On “Shinhwa Broadcast” he made everyone groan with his cheesy jokes and self-aware grin, how do you not like a guy like that?

Another thing is that I don’t like the word dating ‘scandal’. I never bother much about this topic because I personally have no problem with my idol dating.He was a true underdog, one that came off as humble and accepting of his role on TV shows.He really would have ranked higher if he didn’t get caught in that weird celebrity gambling ring that may or may not have been a cover up for some political controversy (but you didn’t hear that from me).This legendary boy group is known for many things, most of them good.Not only are they the longest running music group in Korea, they are also variety show darlings, drama actors, successful solo artists, and headliners.

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Also, shout out to his geeky character in “Nonstop 4,” (and Hye Sung’s awkward acting), even if he didn’t get the girl. Jun Jin Out of all the members, Jun Jin had his life bared to the media the most.

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