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Sex dating in the north west uk

To improve the geographical coverage of our estimates, we have used data from the APS to produce several tables that we previously produced using data from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN).

These tables include economic activity, socio-economic classification, relationship status and highest educational attainment.

On the same day, NHS Digital also published their compendium of smoking statistics, which includes headline figures from this report.

NHS Digital’s report brings all the latest smoking statistics for England into one place, including smoking-related ill health, smoking patterns in children, and the availability and affordability of tobacco.

Combined, these two data sources provide a powerful tool to understand smoking habits.

In 2017, the proportion of current smokers in the UK was 15.1%, which equates to around 7.4 million in the population.

The latest figure represents a significant reduction in the proportion of current smokers since 2016, when 15.8% smoked.

Smoking prevalence estimates by local authority area tend to fluctuate each year due to their small sample sizes producing more statistical uncertainty.

Therefore, here we briefly describe local authorities where the proportion of smokers has been consistently high or low on a year-to-year basis.

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In Wales and Scotland, the proportion of current smokers was 16.1% (around 386,000 people) and 16.3% (around 677,000 people), respectively (see Figure 1).

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