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Sex chat for submissive gal

Floggers, even if wielded with a strong right arm and a bit of determination, don’t tend to hurt that hard.

At it’s very basic level, denial can involve wanking him off, then stopping, wanking, stopping, etc until the smallest of tears leaks from his eyes and the look he gives you is one of pure and burning need. A guy I knew used to love a slightly painful denial wank. At which point I’d stop, wipe my hand on my jeans, then continue touching him but with slow, circular strokes around the sensitive skin of his head. As a general rule I’m not a fan of sexting, because fuck it – if we’re going to have sex then I’d rather have it then just tell you in great detail exactly how we’re going to have it and have you text me back misspelled porn which I have to read and reply to on the bus. the situation in which I text him saying “I’m on my way to yours and I’ll be with you in twenty minutes.

What isn’t so frequently explained, though, is that you can order a guy to do exactly the same thing, with very similar effect.

Bonus points if you can get him to undo his flies under the table while you’re having dinner.

Face-slapping: amazing, if he’s up for it, because it combines humiliation with a bit of pain, and can be done while I’m sitting on his dick.

Requires explicit consent, though, so how do you do this as a surprise?

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I love the look in a guy’s eyes when I can tease and hurt him in just the way he loves, and being able to conjure it gives me a deliciously warm kick in the cunt.