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Ryuichi sakuma dating quizzes

A late-night walk home turns Shuichi and Hiro into real heroes when they rescue a young lady from two evil-looking thugs.

They get quite a surprise when they discover that this young lady happens to be Yuki's fiancée!

Having seen Nittle Grasper perform live, Shuichi is overcome with shock that he is now competing against his idol Ryuichi Sakuma. K devises an astute plan to get Shuichi energized - if Bad Luck sells 1 million copies, Shuichi gets a date with Yuki! Without even telling Touma, Yuki has suddenly disappeared. K isn't about to let him slack off on his responsibility to the band.

Shuichi has to make the ultimate choice - Bad Luck or Yuki?

Shuichi believes that this movie is the reason Ryuichi "pretended" to go after him, although Ryuichi's true motives remain unknown.

The precursor to the Gravitation manga was a dōjinshi series titled Help!

Sakano is terrified that the band will get dumped by the record label.Murakami penned a thirteen volume dōjinshi series called Gravitation Remix under the group Crocodile Ave.The dōjinshi are much more sexually explicit than the anime and deviate heavily from the manga storyline.The manga was published by Gentosha and was serialized on Kimi to Boku starting in 1996 and ending in 2002.The manga has been licensed and published in English by Tokyopop, as well as a light novel.

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Hot up-and-coming rock star Shuichi Shindo is about to hit the big time!

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