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By the time, Ms Kanwar was old enough to marry in 1998 and the village was preparing to welcome a groom for the first time in six generations, there were reportedly five girls in the village (today, the number has gone up to 13 girls but they are all below the age of 14) that was home to at least 150 Rajput families at the time.

The event was considered to be a landmark in the village's shameful history of female infanticide and some even cautiously hailed the wedding as a sign of changing times and evolving values.

It seeks to manufacture divisiveness at a time of national unity, which is despicable.

It tries to taint a perfectly legitimate secular gesture by a well-governed State through the bogey of communal bias.

After all, the BCCI's own stock has soared on account of Team India's sterling performance.

That said, a line needs to be drawn to demarcate the acceptable from that which is patently unacceptable.

Thirteen-years-ago when Gulab Kanwar married Banne Singh in a remote village in Rajasthan, her wedding made it to the front pages of national dailies.

But when Ms Kanwar was born, her father who at the time was mourning for his son who had died two weeks ago, defied village norms and chose to protect his daughter.

Soon his uncle and brother too followed in his footsteps and let their little girls stay alive.

The murder of Ms Kanwar's daughter is a tragic reminder of our collective failure as a nation to protect our girls and serves to explain India's appalling and consistently declining child sex ratio, as revealed by the 2011 Census.

From 978 girls to every 1,000 boys in 1961 to 927 in 2001, India is now down to 914.

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