Rules teachers dating parents

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Rules teachers dating parents

It was not detected because the school district had the software programmed to block certain sites but opted out of the self-harm alerts. The argument is weak that liability would follow as a school district’s actions or lack of action would have to be the actual cause of the death, but do school districts really want to test the argument?

Or, the school district did accept alerts, but the alert came in when the school counselor wasn’t working. A student at my school sent me an e-mail indicating another student is expressing suicidal thoughts. Suicide reporting does not hinge on certainty of harm or your discretion. The only knowledge you need to meaningfully act is an expressed, implied, veiled, peer-reported or rumored suicidal ideation.

In a hypothetical example, a student makes a suicide attempt Saturday night, but 24 hours earlier at 11 p.m.

What do I do if a student tells me she thinks she is pregnant?

The action plan is an educational record, but the plan should be kept outside the actual folder for certain eyes only and purged at the appropriate time. One of the parents does not want me to see the student any longer.

There are no other school counselors in my building. If a student needs counseling, a 504, special education or any other special services there are court cases supporting one parent’s decision for the service even though the other parent disagrees.

School counselors can stand secure in the explanation that the self-contained teacher or the inclusive classroom can better handle interventions targeting social skills and anger management due to the constant need to reinforce or extinguish behavior in the authentic context of the classroom observing the actual behaviors.

You can support regular education and special education students in brief group counseling or behavior management programs, but behavior interfering with a student’s education requiring a long-term approach is an inappropriate use of school counselors’ time.

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The consequence of the risk, death of a child, is too great. School counselors should never rely on a student’s denial of suicide intent.