Row cannot be located for updating mysql server

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Row cannot be located for updating mysql server

Next thing you need to do is to create the replicator user in either Server A and Server B.

You can do that using My Sql shell using the following commands: This is a task you’ll need to do manually: you need to be sure that the two My SQL instances starts with the same data.

Once you put up a you’ll need two different Server system instances (VPS, Hosting, virtualized instances…

You might also want to keep out other databases such as mysql or other ones: if that’s the case, just add those you want to exclude by adding a binlog-ignore-db and replicate-ignore-db command for each one of them.

as opposed to creating a user here with what would be a conflicting username.

This is, of course, one of the tradeoff decisions you'll need to make.

If a user registration information is updated on S1, the same information should be updated on S2. How can I create a trigger so that every time there is an insert / update / delete in database on S1, then the user table on S2 also gets automatically updated. storage engine on both servers, in conjunction with triggers, to allow each server to update the other server's database.

And every time there is an insert / update / delete in database on S2, then the user table on S1 also get automatically updated. This is not exactly a simple out-of-the-box solution, because it requires additional precautions and requires you to decide whether consistency or isolation tolerance is more important and allow the queries to fail when the other server isn't available (more consistency) or use a CREATE TABLE remote_user ( username varchar(64) NOT NULL, password varbinary(48) NOT NULL, /* encrypted of course */ PRIMARY KEY(username) ) ENGINE=FEDERATED DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 CONNECTION='mysql://username:[email protected]_other_host:port/schema/user'; Selecting from remote_user on one server will retrieve the records from the other server, and insert/update/delete on that table will change data on the other server.

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database seems to be a bad idea for Debian-based system: check this comment for details.

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