Romeo miller dating meagan good women seeking women adult dating

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Romeo miller dating meagan good

“She lost somebody, and she definitely got to grieve. “Like everything has to go back now before it can go forward,” he said.

introduces us to Suzanne, Patrice, Tyra and Deidre, who have been friends since meeting at the age of fourteen.

Over the course of their lives fights, disagreements and love have caused friction and distance to manifest between some of them, particularly Suzanne and Patrice, who haven’t spoken in almost fifteen years.

When Tyra, who is mother to fourteen year-old Jillian, suffers a crisis, all four women are drawn back together to make it through, and soon discover that they also need each other, and sisterhood, to make it through what is currently happening in their lives.

“I’m not really concerned about dating anyone right now,” she said.

“Like, I’m more worried about my son and just what’s best for him.”On the latest episode of , Miller and Simmons get into a personal conversation about the latter’s sex life.

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“I know Rom for quite some time so he always teases me it’s just how our relationship is,” Simmons reveals.