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Redating the sphinx

Origins of the Sphinx is available for order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as other sites, and is also available in German and Polish editions.“For a quarter-century, Schoch’s analysis of weathering at Giza and Bauval’s archaeoastronomic discoveries have challenged the consensus on prehistory, not merely of Egypt but of the world.The book provides a comprehensive overview and synthesis of environmental science and provides the basic factual data necessary to understand the environment as it is today.It is important that students understand how various aspects of the natural environment interconnect with each other and with human society.[In 1990] his redating of the Sphinx launched the New Archaeology.

I discuss the physical structure of the Great Pyramid and various theories and interpretations as to why it was built and when.Recent paleontological and biological discoveries have deepened our understanding of their evolution and in some cases have made previous theories obsolete. Using an approach based on cladistics, the authors consider both living and extinct ungulates.Included in their discussion are the stories of rhinos, whose ancestors include both dinosaur-sized hornless species and hippo-like river waders; elephants, whose earliest ancestors had neither tusks nor trunks; and whales, whose descent from hoofed mesonychids has never properly been described for the lay audience.After critically analyzing the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that there was contact across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in ancient times.In Voyages I also discuss the impacts and close flybys of comets in historic and prehistoric times that may have affected early civilizations and perhaps spurred long-range migrations.

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In this book I discuss such topics as Plato’s Atlantis, pole shifts, the Piri Reis map, neo-catastrophism, encounters with comets, the Yonaguni underwater structure, and my work on the age of the Great Sphinx.

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