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Revenue from 20 in general increased by 45% in comparison with results of 2014.

The total audience of the Rambler portal at the end of 2017 grew by 17% in relation to results of 2016 and made 49 million unique users a month.

About it the Chief Editor of a resource Nikolay Kononov at himself on Facebook wrote.

Canons, having congratulated readers of the edition on its 15 anniversary, announced considerable shifts - in particular, dissolution of visual department and the departure from the job of the Chief Editor in October.

At Sup media Ltd (manages Livejournal blog hosting) revenue in 2015 made 563 million rubles, a loss – 802 million rubles.

At JSC Begun (manages the system of contextual advertizing of the same name) revenue in 2015 made 269.8 million rubles, a loss – 71.2 million rubles.

According to newspaper sources, it occurred because the budget of "A secret of firm" was cut off four times.

According to Media Scope, on average in a month the website of "A secret of firm" from desktop PCs and notebooks is read by 510,000 people, for comparison: "Poster" is read to 4 million people, the news agency RNS - 1.3 million (statistics for August, 2017).

One of former employees of holding says that the speech most likely goes about "Yandex" whose search and the system of contextual advertizing stand on projects of Rambler since 2011.The share of visits added 6% for the same period, and the total number of viewings pages increased by 18% according to Yandex. After restart of mobile version of the Rambler portal the share of mobile audience year-on-year grew by 78%.Time spent by users on the website increased by 14% — from 6.34 to 7.21 minutes.The head of Trust bank Alexander Sokolov then reported that progress in a question of refinancing of a debt of group of Mamut is.At the same time he emphasized that directly the borrower deals with this issue, and Trust does not participate.

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