Radioactive dating problems worksheet

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These are chemical elements, like carbon or uranium, that are identical except for one key feature -- the number of neutrons in their nucleus.Atoms may have an equal number of protons and neutrons.Students must get the questions correct before proceeding to the next page.

Geology Labs On-line (Virtual Dating) Student site Dating/files/RC0/RC_0This site (which is identical to the above except it has the question checker enabled) gives the students access to the site.

The bone was 68 million years old, and conventional wisdom about fossilization is that all soft tissue, from blood to brains, decomposes.

Only hard parts, like bones and teeth, can become fossils.

New York State Standards in Science - Intermediate Students will use mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry, and engineering design, as appropriate, to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions.

(Mathematical Analysis and Scientific Inquiry) Students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills of mathematics, science, and technology to address real-life problems and make informed decisions.

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Check Virtual Dating Demo then Virtual Dating Radiocarbon.

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