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I used to look for external sources to help fill the gap I had in my life after being diagnosed.I wanted my boyfriend at the time to supplement my happiness, so I looked to him to make me feel better.For me, whole one year was spent in that mournful condition which cannot be explained here.Than there emerged a light of hope from a 90 years old man, to whom I known from my childhood and lovingly called nana ji.They all started taking doses as I was taking but almost everyone had same experience that his condition improved drastically in few days, almost clear skin in next 15 days.Then there came a setback, they all informed that there skin condition is restored to previous one and no further improvement is seen even after regular use of herbs.It may not work on others but what is the harm in giving it a try, after all it has cured me completely.

Same thing happened again and again for full three months and I became pretty sure that I can live free from this disease with continuous use of that essence of herbs.Once we broke up, I took a year-plus to work on myself and finally realized that I have everything within me to be happy and that I don’t need to rely on someone else to give me that happiness.Sure, a relationship can bring much happiness to your life, but if you’re looking for someone to make you feel better about yourself and your diagnosis, this isn’t the way to go.With regular use of those tropical ointments it became milder but as soon as I began to drop or to reduce frequency of use of medicines, it re-appeared even more severely.In fact, more I searched on internet more depressed I became by seeing photographs, statements like “It is non-curable, can be controlled only by regular use of medicines..” etc…

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