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Posted by / 25-Jan-2021 00:13

Please try to avoid to point your ~/files/downloads folder as your Movies and TV path in your libraries.

If you do this, your plex server will underperform during scanning of new media, will make many wrong matches, and potential crash often.

In more details, the code in question is below: process, which means that we pull a new image before running the container(s) of a given rock-on.

It still follows docker’s logic, however, so if no newer image is found on docker hub when compared to what exists locally, nothing will be pulled and docker will simply use the local image.

The Plex Media Server is a closed source project, that is intended as a home media center, in order to stream your personal library.On my box it means that Plex shows as started (both on Web UI as well as in Cent OS) and running, but when checking the docker logs for it, it shows that the installation is aborted …I suggest to wait a day and possibly check out the forum entry over at Plex whether that has been fixed).In order to address the Plex API change for updates, I essentially had to stop/uninstall/remove the docker image from my server, and then reinstall the Plex Rock-On (using the same settings as before, so I did not have to rebuild my library/plugins, etc.).Interestingly, the first time around, it did not work correctly.

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It continued to use the old image - checking using console, the “old” image still lingered (I thought the Rock-On uninstallation would remove it automatically from the system).