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When i Tunes Match is done, appears next to any content that's in your i Cloud Music Library and not downloaded to that device. You might also see i Cloud Music Library talked about as a feature of Apple Music.i Cloud Music Library is a feature of both i Tunes Match and Apple Music.Extract the files somewhere, plug in your i Pod/i Phone, then open i Tunes and click on your device, then check “Manually manage music and movies” and restart i Tunes, then double click on Update Play to update your library.You can see that progress is being made in i Tunes by clicking on your Library’s Music folder then sorting the music by Play Count or Rating. Download Update Play (2KB) /** * Update Play * * Description * --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * This script will update your i Tunes library with the play counts and ratings from any i Pod or i Phone.When you turn on i Tunes Match for your library, i Tunes searches the store for matching songs (based on title, album etc.). (When you download the track, it resides on your i Phone/i Pad. Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on i Geeks

When you sign in with the Apple ID that you use with i Tunes Match on your i OS device or computer, you associate that device with your account and get access to your i Cloud Music Library.There are lots of problems with how it works (the philosophy behind it, not the way it works). A song / track with a cloud icon next to it is a track that’s streaming from i Tunes Match / i Cloud.So, even though this is an age-old topic, here’s some basic info on setting up i Tunes Match on your i Phone/i Pad. These are songs you purchased from i Tunes, downloaded from somewhere (let’s be honest), or ripped from CDs etc. You can choose to stream it (just play it) or you can download it by clicking on the cloud icon.I had a little free time last night so I wrote a script to update these attributes for me!It is written in JScript/Java Script and uses the i Tunes COM Interface to communicate with your device and the i Tunes Library.

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