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Pakistani girls dating site

In order to win the heart and the love of a fabulous Pakistani single woman, you will need to respect and understand her culture and her upbringing.

You’ll need to go with the flow and accept the fact that the Pakistani concept of marriage still applies in almost every community.

Today, Pakistan has more than 35 million users of the Internet, so there are enormous possibilities of being able to contact some of the beautiful people of this amazing country.

Similar to the cuisine found in neighbouring India, the food in Pakistan tends to be well-seasoned, spicy and very tasty.

Because of strong traditions, Pakistan is somewhat different to other countries when it comes to love, sex and marriage, the so-called "arranged marriage" still being practised in almost every community, except perhaps within the urban middle classes.

Most marriages occur between boys and girls who have seldom met and who have little or no knowledge of one another before their wedding, each and every detail having been organised by their parents.

So, while it may be quite simple to find an easy-going, well-educated, happy soulmate, it’s necessary to remember that free and single girls from this beautiful, yet harsh country are looking for more than just a casual date – she’ll be looking at what lies ahead.While just over 40% of the employed labour force is directly or indirectly tied up with agricultural production, industry accounts for perhaps 13% of total employment and 20% of the country’s gross domestic product.Although in the 1960s and 1970s, the country was hugely popular with tourists, mainly on account of the Hippie Trail, Pakistan currently receives only around half-a-million visitors annually.It’s a quality they grow up with, absorbing it from family and social roots that stretch back thousands of years.These women are family oriented, and most look forward to getting married, even though their husband is nearly always chosen for them.

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In areas held by the Taliban, Sharia law does not permit women to receive education – it doesn’t even allow them to go shopping on their own!