Over accomodating mother in law

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Over accomodating mother in law

Further investigations and assessments are carried out before any final orders are made by the court.While a care order is in force with respect to a child, the local authority designated by the order shall: The local authority can make decisions as to where the child will live and with whom, and how the child will have contact with named people.The court can give directions it considers appropriate with respect to the contact the child is to have with any named person or any medical or psychiatric examination or assessment of the child under s44(6).If the child is of sufficient understanding to make an informed decision, they may refuse to submit to the examination or other assessments.Although the NSPCC can bring proceedings it is extremely rare for them to do so.No care or supervision order may be made with respect to a child who has reached the age of 17 (or 16 if the child is married).However, it is more usual for children who are the subject of care orders to live with foster carers or in residential establishments.Although the local authority has parental responsibility there are some decisions which require everyone with parental responsibility to agree including: If agreement cannot be reached then the court can make an order.

All local authorities must appoint independent reviewing officers (IROs) who must work to ensure compliance with care plans.

can apply for but the most common are care orders, supervision orders, emergency protection orders and secure accommodation orders.

In these proceedings, the child is automatically a party and is represented by a children’s guardian appointed by Cafcass.

If they are not subject to a care order, an order can only be made for a child who is under 16 years; if the child is subject to a care order, they can be placed in secure accommodation until they are 18.

Children under 13 can only be kept in secure accommodation with the consent of the Secretary of State.

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The children’s guardian is an independent person who is there to promote the child’s welfare and ensure that the arrangements made for the child are in his or her best interests.

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